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Clinic Based ABA Therapy & In-Home ABA Therapy

"Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of learning and motivation from Behavior Analysis, and the procedures and technology derived from those principles, to the solution of problems of social significance." 

ABA therapy provides valuable success at any age. We offer in home and clinic based ABA therapy for children ages 18 and under regardless of whatever may be needed. ABA can be provided for children on the autism spectrum as well as for children with ADHD or other behavioral disorders. 

Not sure which route to take? We offer a hybrid program that allows you to compose a hybrid schedule (clinical and in-home).

Initial Behavior Assessment

Once the diagnostic evaluation has been completed, it is recommended that an initial behavior assessment using VB-MAPP, ABLLS or PDDBI be completed. The behavior assessment will provide the BCBA, insurance company, parents and other applicable persons with language and learning milestones that the child has or has not grasped.


Assessments are done in-home and are timed based on the child’s needs and age. 

Benefits of ABA

ABA can serve children with other related disorders such as:​

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder 

  • Down Syndrome

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Oppositional Defiance and Conduct Problems or Outbursts

  • Anxiety Disorders


  • Potty Training

  • School Shadowing

  • Sibling Training 

  • Parent Training

  • Home Program Design 

  • Alternative Communications Trainings (i.e., PECS)

  • Social Skills

...and much more. 

Remember: Every situation is unique and Elite Spectrum ABA works with each family to personalize each plan and set of goals.

School Shadowing

School shadowing is an important component of the treatment process. It is the process of accompanying a student through their general education program, in order to gain insight into the student’s experience within a school setting and to be a support to the student in that environment. 

One of the main goals for a school shadow is to help the student become so independent that he/she will be able to function on their own in the classroom and school, without the support of a shadow. The key purpose behind assisting the student is to help them become as self-reliant as they can in a general education environment.

At ESABA, we understand the importance of helping children on the spectrum in any environment thus School shadowing is offered to every parent of a school aged child. If one chooses to do school shadowing, a RBT will be assigned to your family and he/she will accompany your child to all of his/her classes whether they are in public or private school. 

To learn more about school shadowing, contact us via one of the methods below.


Clinic Based Therapy, In-Home Therapy, School Shadowing, Parent Training & More