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LaKeshia Wells, M.S.Psych, BCBA

President, Clinical Director

Ms. Wells is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the Owner of Elite Spectrum ABA. She holds a BS in Psychology and an MS in Psychology from Purdue. As the President of Elite, she manages and oversees the daily clinical operations while interfacing with our provider team.


For the past 10+ years, Ms. Wells has worked in both privately run and state ran ABA centers in the Southern U.S.


Ms. Wells, a Verbal Behavior professional, formed Elite to improve the education and advocacy for all persons on the autism spectrum and other members of the community.


Caregivers and families today struggle with feeling overwhelmed due to a lack of sufficient knowledge or resources needed to support their children with ASD.


Through Elite’s umbrella of services, Ms. Wells has been able to assist in improving the quality of life of patients, curing some of the pain points caregivers of persons

with ASD have and increase autism awareness within her client’s communities.

Tamara Alexander, MBA,

VP, Business Operations

Ms. Alexander holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Southern University and A&M College and an MBA from Texas A&M - Commerce. As the Vice President of Elite, she manages and oversees all Elite business clinical operations while interfacing with our leadership teams and other third parties.


Ms. Alexander has a vast range of technical and business experience and is responsible for the overall health and maintenance of Elite so that it can continue to smoothly serve those in our communities.

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