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Social Skills Group

Specialized social skills group sessions are designed to help those who have an autism spectrum disorder  (ASD) learn how to interact better with their typically developing peers. These meetings usually involve a small group of 2-8 people living with autism and 2 autism professionals. During these meetings, they will receive instruction, practice their social skills through role-playing, and get feedback on how they're doing to help them acquire and apply the necessary skills to engage in positive relationships with their peers.

​Research has demonstrated that social skills group training can be effective in improving perspective-taking, conversation skills, friendship skills, problem-solving, social competence, emotion recognition, theory of mind, and problem-solving. Furthermore, studies have shown that specific interaction skills, such as initiation, responding, maintaining, greeting, compliment-giving/accepting, turn taking, sharing, asking for help, offering help, and including others, can all be enhanced through the application of social skills groups.

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Social Skill Groups is a Clinic-Based Service Only

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