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  • Tamara Alexander

Introducing Samantha Gregory, Elite Spectrum ABA's new Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Elite would like to introduce Samantha Gregory, affectionally known as Ms. Sam. Sam is a graduate of University of Houston Clear Lake and Elite's new Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analysis (BCaBA). With her expertise in autism therapy, Sam has been integral in the company's turnaround over the last 12 months. She and her team have developed systems that have helped make Elite more efficient and effective with their programming. Sam is always smiling and outgoing, she loves spending time with family and adores natural environment teaching and unicorns.

NET is a scientifically proven teaching method that allows ABA practitioners to incorporate the learner’s natural environment into the teaching, development, and generalization of skills. This approach is effective in two ways: 1) it gives the learner a sense of autonomy and control over their environment; 2) it can be used to motivate children to continue the activity by using familiar toys and games. Sam loved how NET was incorporated into play activities using familiar toys, games, and materials. This way, the learner was always motivated to continue the activity.

A client asked Sam if she really believed in unicorns during a NET class. Sam smiled and replied, "I do. I believe unicorns may be the key to success.” The student looked puzzled, so Sam expanded on her answer. 'Unicorns are legendary animals. They symbolize hope, purity, and power. When you believe in unicorns, you are drawing on a powerful wellspring of positivity and energy.' The client's eyes widened as he grasped what Sam meant. Whenever a difficult task appeared, they remembered Sam's words and believed that they could triumph.

Sam's ability to motivate her clients to have faith in themselves and persevere can be attributed, in part, to her fascination with NETs and unicorns. That is one reason why she is such a beautiful person. Having Sam on our team has enabled us to grow and develop in ways we never imagined. She's always positive and cheerful, and she enjoys spending time with us. Sam is an inspiration to us all.

We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have her as a member of our staff, and we are confident that in the years to come, she will prove to be an invaluable resource.

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