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Elite Spectrum ABA Data Goes Electronic and Improves EHR Process by Switching to APMCS

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Quality comes first is more than just a catchphrase. That is why we founded Elite. Quality ABA Therapy is about more than just big advertising budgets and snazzy gadgets; it's about properly individualizing therapy to the client's needs and then putting your clinicians in a position to examine and assess huge amounts of data. Elite credits APMCS for increasing efficiency and allowing us to give higher-quality services to our clients than ever before with their unique ABA Data Collection Software.

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Since last year, Elite Spectrum has undergone significant internal restructuring, which included saying goodbye to the conventional systems that the majority of ABA companies employ. Elite is a Verbal Behavior clinic, thus the business had to concentrate on finding a system that would significantly decrease the time their staff spent entering data, reduce errors, and function as they needed it to. This was made feasible for Elite through Aheed Practice Management and Clinical Solutions (APMCS).

APMCS was created by seasoned business professionals and Board-Certified Behavior Analysts as a scalable EHR platform for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) clinics (BCBAs). APMCS has assisted Elite Spectrum in streamlining data collecting for their clients, decreasing the time their team spends on data entry, and reducing data input errors, allowing the team to work as efficiently as possible.

The fact that APMCS is web-based and our clinicians can use it from almost anywhere with an internet connection is one of the things I value the most. This has particularly helped us maintain operations regardless of the treatment setting or BCBA location. We have therapists and clinicians that are able to immediately observe data being graphed and plotted. According to Elite Spectrum VP Tamara Alexander, "This on-the-spot analysis has tremendously helped us in detecting antecedents and other crucial variables in order to be able to better support clients more efficiently and more effectively."

APMCS is a scalable program that has been able to support Elite's growth and individual client needs. APMCS is also HIPPA compliant and secure to guarantee that your data is shielded from unauthorized access. Elite is now able to concentrate on what matters most—their clients—thanks to the APMCS platform.

Learn more by visiting our YouTube page.

Here directly from Sumaiya, APMCS's co creator, and Keshia, Elite's Clinical Director, about how the ABA software sets their practices apart from those relying on conventional softwares with no wiggle room.

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